Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good Stuff

Only 13 days till Christmas!!! Y’all better be excited, because my Christmas celebration will blow you all away. Anyways, that’s a story for next week. This week I would like to tell you about my family life. Last week I told you about the whole Fam, Ulvi, Kanan, Mama and Papa, and occasionally our G-Ma. Today was a huge day in Azerbaijan as it was the Anniversary of Heydar Aliyev’s death (the First President of Azerbaijan). Azeri’s all over the country gathered to celebrate their leader and place flowers at his statue to commemorate his contribution to their freedom and independence. It really was quite interesting and amazing to wake up to quite beautiful music this morning dedicated to Heydar. I’m not sure how to describe it, and I will leave it at that for now. Anyways, as the family goes. My mom and dad here work a lot. Sometimes they wake me up about an hour or so before I plan on it, which as you all know is annoying, but I’ve figured it out and am ready for it. They only do it when I am the last person to leave in the morning, which is once or twice a week. So when they need me to lock the door I am prepared. Plus it means, sometimes, they trust me to make my own tea in the morning and get myself ready for work (I think). But anyways, both my parents are teachers, my dad is an Economics teacher for the local University and my mother is a History teacher for one of the local schools (I am constantly quizzed to see if I know who Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin are… So here is my formal apology to my 5th grade teacher when I wondered if “any of this will ever matter”… So far my answers have been qualified…. WHEW). Then there is Ulvi and Kanan, who are students. Ulvi wishes to be a lawyer or doctor and Kanan wants to work with photography. I believe they are both on their way. Anyways, I work from 10 am till 6 pm. The kids go to school through this time, roughly 8 till 1 or 2 and then they are done for the day. Lunch is at 1 for everyone (in the country, as far as my understanding goes). My dad works a ton, as does my mom… she tutors a lot of students when not working at the school. By the time I come home from work, Ulvi and Kanan have already worked on “bodybuilding,” which I need to start soon,… and are ready to arm-wrestle me. I am often challenged to arm wrestling (which I regularly win ;), and am also asked if I have ever seen Sylvester Stallone or Jean-Claude Van-Damm movies of any kind. I sometimes claim they are my relatives. I quickly explain that I am joking, as this may cause hysteria. Anyways, I get home from work, change into my Bears clothes and head down to the main part of the house where I hang out with the family. From 6 till 10 or so is family time. We watch music videos, talk and joke as much as I can manage. Now that I’m learning more Mom and I talk more often. Much like at work it’s hard to force the language cuz Ulvi can translate but I’m trying to make Mom talk to me instead of asking Ulvi to translate for me. Kanan pretty much decides what we watch on TV, unless Dad wants to watch something really interesting about Heydar or Azerbaijan, or anything that is funny. Otherwise we watch music videos. On regular nights, I get home about 6 or so and change into comfortable clothes (Bears pants and sweatshirt. Thanks Mom!) and chill out. I just found out that besides the Soccer game, that we play sometimes that I’m terrible at, they have a “Mario Cart” kinda game that I know and can be quite good at, and I think that we now just decided to play a ton. My mom just yelled at me to eat, which is normal, YE! is maybe the most common thing you will hear in this country. But anyways, from 6 till 10 or 11 or so I spend with the family either chatting or watching TV or just hanging out. So I hang out with my family a lot. My family and I have fun together (as much as I can tell… they seem to like me). As I’ve heard, it’s amazing where a smile can get ya. Anyways, work is going well, the project profile I was mentioning has hit a snag but I hope we get through it. Here come the problems we’ve always been told about. We have a plan and a budget is in the works, but the donor is asking for more than what is normally required. It makes for a real long story. I’ll let you all know how it works out because this is one I thought we had in the bag, but we will see. I hope this gives you a better idea of what I do during a regular day. Anyways, I hope you all are doing well, sorry I don’t have many pictures this time. The pictures posted are of Rooster Tom that Ashley’s Nana bought. Apparently, she’s really excited for me to get over there and meet my rooster self. I can’t wait. Tomorrow’s gonna rock! Thank You Nana, Thank you. The tall, skinny rooster dominating the photo is Rooster Tom. There is also a Rooster Ashley who should be in one of the photos as well. We haven‘t been formally introduced yet. I’ll confirm… if you see a picture of a different rooster later, then you know I was wrong this time. Also, I will have the video from Thanksgiving shortly, I just need to get it from Ashley’s computer. If I can’t post it, it will be in your emails… do not open at work, it’s horribly offensive singing. But radically awesome. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas if I don’t hear from you till after.


Anonymous Zach S. said...

That is one nice cock! Err... I mean, rooster!

Has your family seen "Over the Top"?

4:59 PM  
Blogger marsy said...

Dear Thomas,

I totally and completely won the bet. I have contacts and you don't, but no big surprise, like I said I never believed you actually wore contacts in the first place.
See you at IST.

12:14 AM  
Blogger Courtney Trump said...

Tom, I miss you :(

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Erin (aka the coolest girl you know) said...

roosters, fun! go Bears! I wish we could go to a playoff game this year!!! miss you Tom!

1:31 PM  

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