Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women out there! I hope you enjoy this day and that you get many great gifts. There is no work for me today, on account of it being Women’s Day, as I just mentioned. I thought I’d give another brief update on how work is going. First, we have begun our meetings with CHF and CDC to begin the next step of our tourism booklet project. Within the next month, we should have a good idea of what information the booklets will contain and who is responsible for what and all that fun stuff.

Second, and maybe more entertaining, is the construction site that has become my office. Last Friday, I was told that one of the walls in the back half of the office had been knocked down and that some things had been moved around. On Monday, I was nowhere near prepared for what I found. When I walked in, I was immediately stopped short by the door hitting a small chair that had been placed behind it. Right in front of me was a large desk that had been in the coordinator’s office in the back half. On top of that was a very large collection of files from the past two or three years. Next to that was a bookshelf and next to my desk was another desk completely covered with files and binders. A huge sofa sat in front of one of the lawyer’s desks and a door was propped up in front of another. As you have probably already guessed, every piece of furniture that was in the back half was now in the front half where almost all our business takes place. In the other half of the office, there were no walls and half the floors were missing. Apparently, while the workers were tearing down the rooms connected to our office, they cracked one of our walls and decided it needed to be taken down. As they took that wall down, it became obvious that the other walls also needed to be taken down. So, long story short, our office gets to be remodeled. I took some pictures of the construction and will take more as the construction progresses. Enjoy!


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