Monday, March 12, 2007

Six Months Already???

This will be a special edition of my blog this week. It will be a short update of what is going on around town and my office followed by a poll that I have put a lot of thought into and have debated furiously with Ashley and I need some help, although I have a suspicion of what the results will be. Ok, off to the updates.

Well, there really isn’t much to say this week. Ashley is moving into his new house right in the center of town. It’s pretty exciting. I’m looking for houses still and have a PC representative coming down on Wednesday to approve a house for me. The one I have my eye on is pretty nice except that it’s a 30 minute walk from work. This isn’t too bad and I could probably use the exercise, but for those of you who know me, you know I don’t like walking all that much. On the plus side, it’s mostly a down hill walk from the house to the office and for the uphill portion on my way home, I would be able to catch a bus heading out to the villages. This is all assuming, of course, that the house gets approved and I actually move in there. Other than that, there really isn’t too much going. Work is the same as last week with preparations and planning taking place for the next steps of our tourism booklet project as well as trainings/workshops that I am trying to put together. Now to the poll.

Ok, so most of you know how much I like bacon and how I truly believe there isn’t one thing you can’t add bacon to that would make it better. For example, mozzarella sticks wrapped in bacon. How can that not be good? Or onion rings wrapped in bacon. Same thing. I already know that Macaroni and Cheese is improved ten fold by adding bacon. With that being said, Ashley and I have had some lengthy discussions on the possibilities of adding bacon to… are you ready… ice cream. That’s right. I maintain that if you take some freshly cooked bacon, drain the grease, cut it into small bite size pieces, but not as small as bacon bits, and add it to a bowl of ice cream, it would be great. Ashley disagrees. That’s the first part. The second part of the poll is what flavor of ice cream would be best. I originally thought vanilla would be the clear choice, but the other day while I was thinking about this, Neopolitan ice cream (chocolate/vanilla/strawberry) might work too. I could be wrong though. After some more discussion, we felt that vanilla has potential because it would be like milk and bacon, two staples of a solid breakfast. This led to orange sherbet being thrown out there, since that would be like orange juice and bacon. You get the idea. So if anyone would like to share their thoughts on whether it would work, or what the best flavor would be, we’d appreciate it. Also, if anyone is daring enough to actually test this out that would really help solve this problem for us.

No pictures for right now. We are heading to Agjabedi this weekend for another America Day with a big group of volunteers. We are going to teach a large group of Azeri children about St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day. I think part of the plans even involves having two groups write a play and performing them for the group, so that should be a bunch of fun. Plus, I’ve never been to Agjabedi, so I get to see another part of Azerbaijan which is always interesting. Also, our conversation clubs will be starting soon, so we will be helping school children practice their English. My hope with these is that we can also get them to think about small-scale projects that they can do in the community on their own without funding and get them more involved. That should wrap it up. Hope everyone is good and Happy St. Patty’s Day!!


Anonymous john (Tom's Brother) said...

I think bacon can be good in iec cream, really any flavor would do. I did some research for you and it's been created! Here is an article on it: Bacon ice cream Also, a link to Udder Delight Icecream House who created it. There also was once a bacon cereal! Enjoy!

Good to hear things are well, enjoy your trip this weekend!

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Erin said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth again. But then again, I don't really eat much meat at all, maybe once a week tops, and I'm lactose intolerant so ice cream makes my tummy hurt. still. gross. but I still miss you anyway :) Have a stupendous St. Patty's weekend. I'm making green Jell-O shots. mm mm good.

10:30 AM  

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